• About Charlene






    Get to know me

    I am a person who believes in celebrating life's milestones and I LOVE being a Marriage Celebrant – it is both challenging and rewarding.

    I have a background in Interior Design which I think is responsible for my attention to detail, my flair for presentation and my enjoyment of other people, with all their diverse personalities and interests.

    I live and work in Perth's Norther suburbs, with my gorgeous dog, Rascal ( who does sometimes live up to his name) and I love the relaxed, friendly lifestyle that living here brings – it is this relaxed, friendly, approachable manner that I bring to your ceremony.

    My outstanding organisational skills will ensure that your ceremony runs smoothly from start to finish and my creative writing skills will help you create the ceremony that is individual and unique to you, whether you choose to have a ceremony that is a simple one, or one that is full of rites and rituals.

    I am as interested in your ceremony as you are!!

    You will find that I am very easy to work with and my goal is to write and deliver a ceremony that is exactly the one you want.

    If you have a theme for your wedding I am more than happy to dress appropriately, whether that be as a pirate or Cleopatra, it’s all fine with me. I will deliver your wedding ceremony in whatever location you choose, however please don’t ask me to jump out of a plane, get wet, or get naked ……… everyone has their limits!!!

    If you are looking for a dedicated celebrant to assist you in creating a fun, friendly and personalised wedding ceremony, then please contact me via email ….. or mobile 0439937302.